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On April 10, 11th, and 13th, A KISS FOR GABRIELA premiered to at the Kansas City FilmFest. The film was incredibly well received, with many being inspired by Gabriela, her story, and interested in sex worker and women’s issues in Brazil and beyond. Enthusiastic festival goers were even inspired to send a kiss to Gabriela!

Sending our Kiss to key U.S. sex worker events

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We have received the uplifting news that A Kiss for Gabriela will be shown at both the San Francisco Sex Worker Film and Art Festival in May 2013 and at the fifth Desiree Alliance Conference in Las Vegas in July 2013. We are so pleased and proud that A Kiss for Gabriela is being included at these pivotal events in the sex worker rights calendar and that the film is featuring in two weeks time (April 20) at Uniondocs in New …

Coming up! NYC area screenings, April 15 to 20

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Spring showings of A KISS FOR GABRIELA are planned across the tri-state area culminating in an evening of films highlighting the rights of sex workers at Uniondocs in Brooklyn. Filmmaker Laura Murray and one of the film’s stars,  journalist Flavio Cruz Lenz Cesar, Gabriela’s husband and editor of the newspaper Beijo da Rua (A Kiss from the Street), will be attending most of the April 2013 screenings to discuss sex worker activism, including how film and social media tactics can promote more informed debate. Monday April …


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On International Women’s Day, we have some good news to celebrate! In the last week, we received news that A KISS FOR GABRIELA has been selected for three international events! The film will premiere in the United States next month simultaneously at two festivals – The Arizona International Film Festival and the Kansas City FilmFest!  In May, it will have it’s premiere in Latin America (outside of Brazil where it premiered at FEMINA last year), at Mujeres en Foco in Buenos …

What to view on International Sex Worker Rights Day?

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In 2001 over 25,000 sex workers gathered in India for a sex worker festival organized by the Durbar Mahila Samanwaya Committee (or DMSC), a Calcutta based group whose membership consists of 65,000 sex workers. As a result of this convening and with a desire to acknowledge the collective power of sex workers’ communities, the DMSC proposed that sex workers of all genders and their allies observe March 3rd as “Sex Workers Rights Day.” Since the early 2000s sex workers around …

A Pivotal Time for Sex Worker Events in the US

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During our preparation to premiere A KISS FOR GABRIELA in New York this year (stay tuned for dates), we have learned so much about organizing and cultural opportunities in the United States. Key deadlines are just around the corner, so read up, apply and then attend these significant events in the calendar for the rights of sex workers and people in the sex trade. 2013 is a year to “be there, or be square”–some events won’t come around again for …

On being a mother and a whore

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The documentary A KISS FOR GABRIELA—a film following sex worker Gabriela Leite’s run for federal office in Brazil—explores a woman’s reclamation of the possibility to be a mother, a respected daughter and a whore. The film’s protagonist Gabriela Leite, the founder of the sex worker rights movement in Brazil, describes herself in her autobiography and throughout the film as a “daughter, mother, grandmother and whore.” When her own mother telephones on election night to congratulate “her puta daughter who stood up for …

Winning UN Recognition of Sex Work as Work

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In the past two years, key United Nations agencies have released documents affirming the importance of decriminalization to guarantee the rights of sex workers. Much of this material has emerged in the context of health issues, often in regards to HIV/AIDS. In December 2012 the World Health Organization, perhaps the most technically rigorous UN body working on issues pertaining to health and rights, released new guidelines for the prevention and treatment of HIV and other STIs in the context of …

Finally! World Cup Related News with Sex Workers as Protagonists, not Victims or Problems

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Earlier this month, the sex worker organization, APROSMIG, in Minas Gerais made international news with their initative to offer English classes to sex workers. The news spread rapidly in a variety of news channels in including Fox, ESPN and CBS in the United States and dozens other of blogs and news channels internationally.  It was a welcome shift from the barrage of World Cup and Olympics related news that has focused more on trafficking and sex tourism in which sex …

Ending Violence Against Sex Workers, the Tenth Anniversary of “December 17”

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Today sex workers, their allies, friends, families and communities will come together to commemorate December 17, the International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers. This year December 17 has a special resonance for two reasons. In September 2012 Robyn Few–one of founders of the International Day back in 2003–died after several years of living her life with cancer. Organizations in the United States such as SWOP-NYC and SWANK intend to commemorate her and many others in an event this …