um beijo para gabriela

Besos for Gabriela from PLAPERTS

These AMAZING kisses were sent to us from equally amazing Latin American sex worker activists at the 2014 PLAPERTS (Latin American Platform of Sex Workers) meeting that had as its theme, “Con los sueños de Gabriela” (With Gabriela’s Dreams).  The kisses were given to us at the Observatório da Prostituição‘s course, “A Particular Revolution: The History of the Sex Worker Movement in Brazil” in November of 2015 (more about this soon!), by Betania Santos, sex worker activist and president of the organization, Mulheres Guerreiras. There are some of the most beautiful kisses we’ve ever received – muchissimas gracias!!!
Beijos para Gabriela_Ecuador
Beijos para Gabriela_Ecuador_2

Beijos para Gabriela_Ecuador_3

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