Interested in our DVD? This is the place for you. The DVD has subtitles in English, Spanish, Russian and Portuguese in addition to a variety of extras – including exclusive interview with Gabriela Leite in 2013 in which she talks about her life and activism. We request donations for each copy through Pay Pal. All donations go directly to Davida, the sex worker rights organization that Gabriela founded in 1992.
If you are interested in acquiring the film for a university library and online streaming catalog, please visit the Films Media Group Website to see if one of their packages is in line with your needs and interests.
We also are happy to share complementary copies with people interested in using the film for activist work. All we ask is that you fill out the form, tell us a little bit about yourself, and send us a kiss from the screening in exchange so we connect to the audiences and issues where the film is being shown.
Thank you and beijos!

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