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Power to the Putas in Niteroí

Yesterday sex workers in Niteroí, a city across the bay from Rio de Janeiro, went to the streets to protest the wrongful arrests of their colleagues and demand their right to work.


“We don’t want to go to Bangu” – the maximum security prison where two sex workers were wrongfully imprisoned and suffered human rights abuses.

In the beginning of the month, nine sex workers were wrongfully arrested, and two wrongly charged with “maintaining a house of prostitution” and taken to Bangu, a maximum security prison where they suffered human rights abuses before finally being released days later.

The building where the sex workers work is in an area of Niteroí that is the focus of the current mayor’s clean-up campaign (where real-estate values are also increasing), and therefore has been the site of increasing police repression. Sex workers are bravely resisting this repression, demanding their right to work, and making their claims visible.

The march weaved through the center of the city for nearly two hours, stopping in front of the police station where their colleagues were wrongfully imprisoned to demand justice and their right to work, and in front of the Niteroí City Council where they demanding public policies to protect and promote – instead of repress – their rights. A KISS FOR GABRIELA supports and chanted along with them as we yelled: “Prostitution is not a Crime!” “We want to Work!” “More Health! More Education! Leave the prostitutes alone!” “I give what is mine!” “Policeman! Come protest with us, you are also our client!”

prostitution not crime

“Prostitution is not a crime”


we want to work

Marching in the streets of Niteroí and affirming their right to work.


Protesting in front of the police station where their colleagues were illegally arrested.


Sex workers protest in front of the Niteroí city council, demanding public policies that promote and protect their rights, instead of violating them.

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