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Remembering Gabriela

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This week marks one year since Gabriela left us physically. She is missed terribly everyday, but this week, and October 10th in particular, perhaps more than usual.

There are many ways to honor Gabriela. Using the word “puta”, fighting for sex worker rights, eating Ceratti Mortadela, using Chanel perfume, circulating her texts and videos, talking politics over beer in neighborhood bars, and perhaps most importantly, saying, standing by and fighting for what you believe.

Gabriela was political down to her daily acts, and this is what made her so amazing. And also someone who remains so present in our daily lives. She brought light, charisma and intelligence to any environment she graced, and it is this fierceness and beauty that is so missed, and so important to keep present.

This week to honor Gabriela, the documentary will be screening at the Mostra Internacional de Cinema, a film festival in Ouro Preto, Minas Gerais. We are honored that the film will screen on opening night, on Thursday, October 9th and again, Friday October 10th. Laura will be present, and videos of Gabriela and the Beijo da rua produced in her honor will also be shared.

Crossbones gabi smallWe are also sharing photos from a recent event where we honored Gabriela at a beautiful ceremony at Cross Bones Graveyard in London.The cemetery dates back to the 16th century as a burial ground for prostitutes and the gates are a symbol of resistance and a fight for the rights of outcasts to be a fundamental part of urban landscapes. The Cross Bones graveyard is a cultural site connected to a group of amazing people who were responsible for it not being bulldozed as part of an urban revitalization project, and where vigils are held

Thaddeus Blanchette, John Constable and Laura Murray at the vigil.

Thaddeus Blanchette, John Constable and Laura Murray at the vigil.

at the gates on a monthly basis.

Laura and Thaddeus Blanchette, a Davida collaborator and professor at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, were lucky enough to be in London in August to participate in the vigil. John Constable and other organizers honored Gabriela and opened up a space for us to celebrate her, even preparing and tying a photograph of her on the gates (above).

We spoke about her, collectively screamed “Viva Gabriela”, made some more noise, and tied a Daspu t-shirt and Beijo da rua cover (edition in honor of her) on the memorial gates of a cemetery. The Beijo da rua cover was designed by Sylvio Oliveira, an artist, journalist and long time partner of Davida. Sylvio is the person who gave Daspu its name and designed many of its collections, coming up with the most popular and brilliant t-shirt slogans like, “We’re bad, but we could be worse”. Sylvio passed away last month, so the Beijo da rua cover and placement on the memorial gates has even more meaning as a remembrance of both Sylvio and Gabriela.

It was beautiful ceremony, that appropriately ended with all of us taking a swig of whisky and pouring a ring of whisky on the ground around all the attendees. We believe that there is no better place for the puta that inspired all of us to be remembered and continually inspire resistance among those who visit the gates.

Viva Gabriela!!

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