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News from the District of Columbia, a kiss for Gabriela

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US sex worker rights advocates have made connections with government officials, including representatives of the State Department, since successfully campaigning in 2010/2011 for the US government to accept UPR Recommendation 86. September 18, 2012 representatives of two organizations (BPPP and Desiree Alliance) met with the TIP office to share the concerns of a wider network of organizations about the US government’s approaches to trafficking. Darby Hickey and Sharmus Outlaw sent a kiss to Gabriela Leite, a Brazilian sex worker, who has so inspired activists globally to pressure to be …

Papos da Gabi

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[Translation of Gabriela’s first post on the Portuguese blog]. Papos da Gabi (Chatting with Gabi), seeks to be a committed/non-committed space to talk about issues and day to day topics without any sort of political correctness. The objects of my chats will be everything from President Dilma’s most recent hairstyle to Carminha’s meltdowns on the 9 o’clock telenovela, to –  of course –  prostitution in Brazil and the world. Wait for me starting on September 1st! Kisses for everyone!

The first time

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It is exciting to write this first blog post on the English, “A Kiss for Gabriela” site. The blog, like the film itself, will be driven by passion, and an idea that supporting sex worker rights is pleasurable, fundamental and can be as simple as sending a kiss.  The issues raised by Gabriela in the film – sex worker rights, legal and safe abortion, LGBT rights, women’s rights, and HIV/AIDS will be the primary focus of posts. Yet general social …