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We Are Dancers: Exotic dancers’ grassroots organizing

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The history of activism for the rights of exotic dancers in the United States is rich, complex and powerful. Dancers have organized, via groups such as the Exotic Dancers’ Alliance, challenging exploitative “stage fees” imposed by club management and their misclassification as “independent contractors” by employers wishing to avoid paying work-related benefits. The documentary Live Nude Girls Unite chronicled some of these organizing efforts and is an essential part of the sex worker rights film canon. Exotic dancing, unlike many …

The World’s Oldest Debate: Gabriela talks with lawyers, lawmakers and activists about legislative proposals to change prostitution related laws in Brazil

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“Everyone has a right to be a protagonist…I’ve been talking about prostitution for 30 years, and then I arrive here and have to hear these things, it’s screwed up, isn’t?  I listen to Alana say that politicized prostitutes “are something else”.  We can’t even be politicized! Poor politicized whores cannot exist. I talked, and I felt like I was invisible.” – Gabriela Leite “Prostitution is not a crime, but it is not free.” – Maira Fernandes These quotes are from …

Some considerations about prostitution, Aids and life

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[Translation of Gabriela’s blog post sharing an email she sent to the directorate of the STD/HIV/AIDS and Viral Hepatitis Department of the Ministry of Health] Today (10/30/2012) I watched the expanded meeting of the AIDS and Viral Hepatitis Department online.  I advised my colleagues from the Brazilian Prostitute’s Network about the importance of participating in the meeting and including some of our questions in the agenda. Maria de Lourdes Barreto (leader from Para) was brilliant in the two comments that …